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The Unknown Path

The Unknown Path

By Maidie Emerson Barnitz

Through all the lengths of blossoming things

In woods I take my way,

Glad of the light, and life, and all

The license of the day.

Where two and two in lengthening lines

The trees around me stand,

As if a force for my escort,

Were sentinels on each hand.

And sometimes still amidst their heights

A little leaf-hid bird

Sends out a single silver call,

Indifferent, all who heard.

The sweet, small flowers and trailing vines

About my feet are spread,

And over all the trees I see

The sky still overhead.

And far beyond the rest that is

I hear the sounding sea,

As if the heart of all earth's life

Which thrills and throbs through me.

And still I know shall come a time

When from the place I stand

The endless sky shall open out

To distance on each hand.

Shall know the meaning which I sought,

And my perplexed way

In all respects shall be revealed

Within eternal day.

A distant relative, Maidie Emerson Barnitz was one of the three daughters of Col. Albert Barnitz. She died in 1910 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with her parents. Col. Albert Barnitz was a first cousin of McPherson Barnitz, who lived in the city of Washington (now known as Washington D.C.) 5 generations ago.

As I read this in my heart, my eyes filled. I felt like it connected me. Spoke to me. Grounded me. Right here, within my own family over 100 years ago...someone else felt this incredible energy, passed it through their heart, and let it hold onto their being. The timing was right for me to experience Maidie's words and depth of entanglement. As I continue forward on my spiritual journey, I consistently feel the pull to know all that I am, to remember all that I am, so I can fully step into myself. I received this a few days before Samhain, a celebration at the end of harvest which ushers in the quiet season of winter for reflection & growth. It is also a time to connect with and honor your ancestors while the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest.

Thank you Maidie. Thank you Leona. Thank you Beula. Thank you Bridget.

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