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The first.

Original post written 12/12/2021

This was the first dream I started writing down after my spiritual awakening began. I have been a vivid dreamer my entire life - except when I was pregnant. I've experienced dreams that served as premonitions years before they came to be in this plane. I've also experienced a dream, as a child, where I met a classmate in my dream the day before I met them at my first day of middle school. Dreams such as these truly make me question our attachment to this plane and our travels/experiences on other planes/dimensions.

The first dream that I wrote down was about Kevin. Kevin was my paramedic instructor as well as a colleague over the years. He was strict. The first day of class, he explained to a room of about 30 people that only half or so would make it through the program. Of those who did, many would not make it through with their relationship intact. The program required time, the program required work, and Kevin required excellence. Paramedic school was no joke back in 2004, and I am grateful for that. Kevin shaped me into a skilled clinician......wait - I will correct that - a "minimally competent" clinician as he would say.

In the dream, Kevin was teaching and sewing. I don't know where his journey has taken him over these last 16 years, but he is meant to be an educator. Someone was singing, but they didn't have a voice. Along those lines: someone was trying to sell a french horn to some kids. This dream occurred months ago and I do not remember if selling is in the literal term as an exchange, or if selling means that someone was trying to convince them that the french horn is cool. If I had to guess...I'd think that it is the latter. People who play the french horn (like I did) are downright epic.

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