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Mission & Vision


Build long-term primary care relationships that integrate allopathic & ayurvedic treatment modalities to achieve a state of balance between the conscious mind, physical body & energetic bodies which fosters well-being inclusive of the whole human experience.


For energy work: to introduce & engage people with their higher selves for the purpose of bringing internal balance, healing, & peace; reigniting purpose & inner conversations for guidance on this journey; way-finding; to provide temporary comfort, escape, & release from the surrounding earthly noise & social pressures; nurture, reinforce, & strengthen connection to Gaia & spirit; and to hold space for those who are awakening/awakened to reconcile heart & mind/seeing & feeling.

As a family nurse practitioner student, I have introduced alternative coping strategies & modalities to patients that seem like they may be open to receiving different ideas: journaling, meditation, Reiki, accupuncture, releasing ceremonies, being out in nature (grounding), self-care & inner reflection, connecting self to universal energy (the buzz you can feel when you close your eyes or when you can sense someone's presence), gathering with like minded people; as well as physical engagement for those desiring low impact/ability based physical motion with Yoga & Qoya etc.

I'd like to begin writing about my experiences in corporate healthcare and my vision for a better future in primary care that is all inclusive of the human experience & meets people where they are stripped down from stereotype & social expectations. "Speaking my truth" by putting words to the feelings that I have always felt usually resonates with others and engages them/nurtures them in their own journey. I want to show people how much they are loved by the universe; how special & unique they are; how beautiful & deserving...and my hope is for them to continue cultivating that within themselves, knowing that it is the truth and all of society's influences are purely designed to keep their vibe low , complacent, and feeling inadequate so that they feed into the culture of "the machine."

This was written months ago. The reason I share it today is because it has become more important for me to take imperfect action than to take no action at all while waiting for perfection. As we continue to grow and evolve, so does our mission & vision. This statement was never intended to be perfect; it is as we are: a work in progress.

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