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Good morning friends,

I have been allowing WH to run itself for the last couple of months as I turned towards my family and other aspects of myself. My creativity begged to be expressed, and you've seen some of that manifested as dream catchers, suncatchers, and candles for ceremony. The latter half of 2021 was spent clearing out things that were not in alignment with my soul and sacred destiny. At the time, it certainly felt more like my life was being turned upside down. This is the way growth occurs. This is awakening. It is rough, dirty, and makes you take a good look at yourself and the energies in your life as you begin to peel away parts of your old self.

1 month ago, around the start of the new year, I felt lost and without purpose. I knew I was making the right decisions. I knew I was caring for my self and nurturing my family. However, my inner self was struggling, grasping, and mourning the path that was...the path carefully laid out...the plans made...the vision held...the work & energy invested.

Then, I realized it: I was not lost...I was free. Free to move in the direction called. Free to cultivate & forge my own way forward. Free to listen to and for the whispers of divine clarity that subtly float along on the breeze.

While I wait in eager anticipation, I know that whatever comes forth is meant for me. Of all the ideas I toss around with my of these times, the right handful of spaghetti noodles will finally stick to the wall.

As part of my journey, I've been called to complete my Reiki Master training at one of the sacred places on this Earth. The pandemic narrowed my options to the continental US: Sedona, AZ or Mt. Shasta, CA. I'd like to share that next week, I leave for Mt. Shasta. I leave knowing that I am following a divine calling, just as I followed the urge to learn Reiki...which catapulted me into my awakening. The power of place is tied to me, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to follow my be supported in community & home.

As I continue to pursue the medicine that I hold within me, whatever shape or form that takes, know that I have so much gratitude for your patience and support.

Namaste 🙏❤🥰💫

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You're something else. 🥰😁


Kelsey Fleischmann
Kelsey Fleischmann
Feb 05, 2022

I am so proud of you— your strength, determination, are an inspiration!

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