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Can you see it? Smell it? Feel it? Journey with me.

To Jana Din, Shamanic healer, who also shared this with Dr. David Steinhorn, a pediatric ICU & hospice physician in California..

Good morning,

I am located in Wisconsin, about an hour north of Milwaukee. I am a registered nurse and stepped away from the corporate healthcare system recently. I just started my own business ( and occasionally provide reiki services. I am also a Family Nurse Practitioner student and hope to graduate in April, 2022. I am currently in clinical rotations within primary care.

My goal is to one day open a wellness center where integrative primary care can co-exist in the same space as vetted wellness professionals: chiropractic care, nurse coaching, accupuncture, reiki, yoga, shamanism, naturopathy, cranial-sacral therapy, massage, nutrition, psychotherapy/counseling, and physical/occupational therapy. I would also like to have quick & easy sound therapy available via the Opus soundbed (immersive, individualized, & intuitively guided sound therapy via Reiki Practitioner/Shaman).

A nature facing studio featuring floor to ceiling windows on parallel walls with folding glass & iron doors on the bisecting exterior wall would host yoga, meditation, sound baths, drumming, and ceremony. Workshops on crystals, manifesting, affirmations, vision boards, crafting, painting, jewelry making, local foraging & identification of medicinal & edible botanicals, plant-based nutrition, and other integrative wellness topics would be rotated along with support groups in either this space, or within a smaller, supplemental studio/classroom. The entrance of the main studio from the center would be through black, tall, worn, early 19th century, French doors carved of wood and featuring a small, solitare wavy glass panel in the top third of each door. The center would also host puppy/kitten playtime within this space by building mutually beneficial relationships with local breeders & humane societies.

Medical equipment would be concealed within a clean, warm, modern, and clutter free patient exam room. These would be nature facing with one-way glass within a black iron window frame on the exterior wall and also provide a one-way glass & iron door for outside access to a small patio with an outdoor furniture arrangement featuring a loveseat, side table, and accent chair. Here, patients and providers could regroup following physical exams for relaxed, therapeutic communication to formulate a plan of care, or to simply enjoy each other's presence while discussing the recent Packer game, celebratory milestone of a family member, or to share supportive silence in appreciation of the surroundings. These small patios would connect to walking trails within the 'heart-space gardens' to promote physical activity & connection to nature for both patients & staff. Soft, warm, comfortable robes would be provided for patient use instead of the universally ill fitting, snap-shoulder patient gowns that are frequently in ill repair. Providers would have the ability to schedule up to hour long appointments so as to address patient needs, concerns, preventive care topics, and to give excellent care with 5 minutes between patients for documentation.

One of the communal gathering spaces within the center would be a large open concept kitchen featuring clean lines, natural light, & biophilic design. It would host a massive central island with counter seating for 6-8, a quartz slab countertop, and built in professional cook top. The back wall would hold the sink, commercial refrigerator, built-in ovens, and windows with access to a large patio featuring a long farm table beneath a wisteria covered pergola. A butlers pantry would host the nutritionist office for any private consultative needs, but the nutritionist would generally collaborate with the patients in the open kitchen space. They would work together with the patient to teach them how to cook using healthier modalities, read labels in real time, cook the patients favorite meal together using substitutions that are healthier and geared to the patients nutritional needs. Portion sizes would be visualized with these meals to enhance practical knowledge. Anyone could join at the island to observe, and the meal would be shared with patients & staff to taste or eat as available.

New diabetics would be scheduled for an immersive morning spa workshop where they would see their integrative PCP, nutrition, nurse coach (educator), and engage in the wellness activities available at the center. I anticipate that this would provide for greater patient satisfaction by coordinating & combining their new diabetic education needs with built-in time to engage in self-care modalities, reducing anxiety, increasing comfort & knowledge retention, while also reducing the time spent away from work or family and ill timed, delayed, rushed, or forgone appointments.

Not only would a facility of this nature provide a resource for legitimate and vetted wellness professionals, but it would also facilitate integrated record keeping across all services to improve the personalization of care and support a 'whole human' comprehensive approach.

The concept also showcases later stage development of an on-site hydroponic growing facility for high-nutritional value 'non-pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals' (aka fruits & veggies) for prescription compounding and utilization on-site in the kitchen. Excess could be sold to local restaurants and/or donated to local shelters.

This wellness center will focus on primary prevention & the restoration of health by applying allopathic & aryudavedic knowledge in support of mental wellbeing and the interrelated biologic, emotional, and energetic bodies. The heart space gardens would connect to local state and county trails within the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

In sharing this hope, my wish is to continue manifesting this reality as this is what I wish to give to my patients, and also what I'd hope to receive.

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