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Rebecca Nedden

Throughout her career as a critical care paramedic and subsequently as a nurse, Becca has cared for others through all phases of the human experience ranging from the delivery room as a neonatal intensive care nurse, to the rotor wing transport of the critically sick & injured, to the harvesting of bone & tissues, and every evolution of life in between.  Choosing to live in alignment with her higher self, although her program of study was nearly complete, Becca is currently transitioning to a nurse practitioner program that does not focus on preparing graduates to see a certain number of patients seen per hour; where the focus of education is on the experiential opportunity to learn & provide high quality, high value services.  This time of growth and transition has allowed her to shift towards the other - even more essential - part of providing care to others: care of the mind, energetic, and emotional bodies.  

As a Reiki practitioner with Whole Human Wellness & Botanicals as well as Sienna Moon, her goal is to assist others in achieving a more balanced state that includes stress reduction, relaxation, reduced feelings of anxiety & depression, increased connection & feelings of self-worth, allowing others to realize their infinite potential to co-create their reality, shift their perspectives & beliefs, release old programming that no longer serves the highest good, cultivate their innate personal power within, and understand how truly beautiful & loved they are by the universe.

Her vision is to transform the western model of medical care that focuses on biology, physicality, and the management of disease to an approach that encompasses the entirety of the human condition.  One that focuses on primary prevention and root causes of illness by melding together allopathy, auryvedic & oriental medicine.  Shifting away from the old way of doing things: treatment within silos, alternative & complementary therapies as "fringe" or "woo woo" medicine, nutrient dense foods as optional, and big pharma over natural evidence-based herbal & physical therapies.  One day she will help usher in the new cornerstone of medicine: integrative primary care.  Primary care delivery within a comfortable, modern & pleasing environment that incorporates biophilic design aesthetics, concealed medical equipment, community, & practical education.  Imagine slipping into a warm, cozy bathrobe for your yearly physical or cultivating a meaningful relationship with your primary care provider where you know their story just as they know yours - caring for you like family.

In her personal time, Becca enjoys spending her days outdoors with her husband, Paul, and their two young boys: Waylon & Willie.  As a family, they like to: create & listen to all kinds of music; go camping, fishing (open water/ice/panfish/muskie), boating & swimming; play soccer & baseball; and go for bike rides & hikes in the Kettle Moraine.  When given the opportunity, Becca & Paul relish the chance to travel together, go scuba diving, attend concerts, and learn from others to expand their worldviews.

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